Welcome to NDSC

NDSC is ready to help you crush any fitness
goal and save some money in the meantime.

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Welcome to NDSC

NDSC is ready to help you crush any fitness
goal and save some money in the meantime.

Try the club

Ready to kill your workout?

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Are you tired of getting Nickel & Dimed by supplement companies?

So were we! That’s why we started the club.

High Quality Supplements

Only the best ingredients for our members to crush their goals

Affordable Prices

No more over paying for supplements, the most affordable on the market


Helping you understand what you are putting in your body by educating you on every product

Stress Free Lifestyle

Free shipping to your door monthly, let us cross one more thing off your to do list

Why Join the Club?

Eliminate the frustration of buying supplements

No more browsing through a cluttered marketplace anymore! Never go to a supplement store again, doesn’t that sound nice?

Affordable & High Quality

Made in the usa and with high end ingredients to assure our members get premium products at half the price.


We ship your membership box to your door monthly with free shipping. No more worrying about running out of supplements

We are more than just big muscles.

Take a break from your stressful day and read through our NDSC original content
discussing our unique perspectives on health & other topics.

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Sounds too good to be true?

Nope. This is real. No contracts. No BS. Just High Quality Supplements
Shipped to your door at affordable prices. Don’t believe us? Read on.

  • Alright how are your supplements priced so low?

    No the affordable price point doesn’t stand for “low quality”, we sell directly to the consumer (meaning we cut out the middle man), this allows us to sell our supplements at affordable prices without living in a cardboard box.

  • Are there any sneaky fees like registration or cancellation fees?

    No and no. It cost nothing to register or to cancel, we do charge a $3 membership fee each month we ship your box, which helps us with the handling fees. Outside of that we have no additional fees.

  • Where do you manufacturer your supplements?

    The supplement manufacturing plant is located in the USA and we only use USA vitamins & minerals for our products. Our facility has received all the certifications by the FDA and other organizations, making them save and high performing. Only the best quality for our awesome members!

  • Why choose you over shopping on major online retail sites?

    Look the reason we started NDSC is because we hated shopping for supplements. It is a cluttered marketplace and we were tired of paying a lot of money for products. By using the club, you will not only get high quality supplements at affordable prices, but we will help guide you to products you need to take on your healthy lifestyle. We want you to know everything about the products you are buying.

  • Wait do you make your own supplements or just sell other companies products?

    100% only our own private labeled supplements. These are original blends put together by the NDSC team.

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