How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

admin - June 15, 2018

This subject has crossed all our minds at one point, maybe for different reasons, but we still raise the question when discussing washing our hair. The question is simple, the answer is a little more complicated.

First, let’s establish one of the main reasons people suggest not washing hair daily. Natural oils that make your hair soft and shiny will be eliminated. These natural oils do help keep your hair healthy but don’t be so quick to think they just get eliminated. The tricky part of this question comes from the different types of hair, we will try to explain in a second. Stay with me here as I explain a key definition. You ready? Seriously don’t skip this because it will be boring.

Sebum Production, this is essentially how much oil your scalp produces. No need to memorize this definition, but it is important to understand what this means when washing hair.

We all have different hair types: long, curly, short, thin, you get the point. The thicker your hair, the longer it takes for those oils to climb the shaft of your hair. What does that mean? Simple, you do not have to wash as frequently because it takes longer for it to look flat and oily.

Now all those reading this with thin hair DO NOT PANIC. Yes, thinner hair needs to be washed more frequently due to the pace your natural oils climb the shaft (of your hair you sicko). Because the oil will make the hair look dirty and flat, but modern shampoo does not damage your hair like the old school shampoo.

Studies have shown that modern shampoo will not strip your hair of natural oils. A matter of fact, modern shampoo will leave it healthier and softer than ever.  Also, the myth that your hair can “wash itself”, is a far stretch from reality. It will take months for your oils to climb all the way to the end of your hair. Washing with conditioner for 20 seconds can do the trick, and it smells way better than oily hair.

Long story short, base cleaning your hair off daily activity levels. If you workout daily then we recommend washing daily so it doesn’t stink. The experts will tell you, on a lazy Sunday where you binge watch Netflix all day, washing your hair is not a necessity. Clumpiness of the hair is a great sign its time to wash.

Do not rely on hair “self-cleaning” and understand the myth that shampoo damages hair, was based on shampoo from 30 years ago. Modern shampoo will not eliminate all your natural oils and will make your hair healthier.

Happy Scrubbing!

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